what if….

All of us are watching a new episode of Yogscraft. Everything started off normal, Xephos and Lalna breeding bees, Sjin doing whatever Sjin’s doing, and the new Jaffa Cake factory being built.

While Sjin is arguing with them about still not having some kind of cool power armour, and Lalna making a towering marble factory (again!), we hear a familiar tune pop up. They don’t notice it, but we sure do.

It starts off faint, only a whisper in the wind. Slowly but surely, the music builds like a dam just on the verge of breaking, slowly coming into our ears as we grasp at our memories to find where we remember it from.

The trumpet starts playing.

And like seeing an old friend, realisation slowly dawns on us.

It’s the Shadow of Israphel soundtrack.

We jump in joy at the reference and quickly log onto Tumblr to yet again, post about how there’s another SoI reference. But the episode keeps on playing. We hear a few explosions - soft at first, building just like the music. Honeydew’s shout interrupts the normal conversation Xephos, Lalna, and Sjin are having. We stop typing into the text post and turn our attention to episode, curiosity piqued.

On Tumblr, people are posting about Rythian’s new Tekkit that came right at the same time. Text posts about how the desert suddenly turned on them. They’re making posts about the Rail Bros, similar in structure - screaming, the sands turned on them, oh my fucking god, just post upon post of the same sentence with different variations.

We watch the episode.

Honeydew’s panicked shouts come into our ears. We can only catch bits and pieces of what he’s saying - The Jaffa Factory’s filled with sand, yes, but that he’s seen a familiar pale-faced, red-eyed, demon lurking in the deserts nearby.

Something appears in the distance in the sunset. A tiny glimmer at first, but it widens into a form - an airship. Xephos and Honeydew are dumbstruck, too amazed to do anything, while Lalna and Sjin are pointing and screaming at the approaching airship. A few figures are stationed at the front, unfamiliar to Lalna and Sjin, but - oh my god - very familiar to us.

Lysander and Peculiar are on the Celeano.

Just like in Survival Island.

And they say, “Heroes! We’ve found you!”

The episode ends. Our mouths are open, our brain slowly comprehending what happened. Where “Next Tekkit” should be, it’s scratched out in three deep, dark gashes with sand speckled on the edges - instead, it reads,

Next Shadow of Israphel

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